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     I always thought it would take a lot of effort, require a lot of techniques to get a clean carpet. Ham Carpet Cleaning Company deep cleaned my carpet with ease.
G. Lakeman19/05/2020
     I can't believe how thorough deep cleaning job this company did in our living room! Very impressed! Would gladly use again!
J. Todd20/09/2019
     Had an office party to organise and had no time to clean up the room I wanted to do the gathering in. I checked with different cleaning companies and Ham Carpet Cleaner stood out from the rest with promising workers and good prices. They did a splendid job and had the place set up quickly. Will recommend them!
Hugh Trevor07/12/2016
     I wanted to hire a cleaning company for my old parents and I looked at a lot of them, but they were all either too expensive or had one or two bad feedbacks about their services. HamCarpetCleaners offered very low rates and I was suspicious about the quality of their service but when they were done with their initial clean, I couldn't believe I had struck such a good deal. My parents and I were extremely happy with their excellent cleaning job and their sweet, friendly attitude. Now, I hire them regularly and we have had no complaints so far.
Bronagh R.04/12/2014
     I was holding a party at my house, so I needed everything to look its best! I had a lot of planning and tidying to do, but not much time to do it in, so I looked up a professional cleaning service. I haven't hired a service like this since my student days, and that wasn't a completely positive experience. I went with HamCarpetCleaners this time around, and they were a lot better! They did an awesome job, and allowed me some breathing room to get the rest of the preparations ready. This party is going to be a smash hit, and I've got these fine people to thank for that!
     I just finished university and started renting my own place with one of my friends. We both lived somewhere where cleaners were provided for us every other day so we never really knew how to clean things as it was always done for us. After about a month and a half of letting it get bad, we got the number of HamCarpetCleaners from a friend and hired one of their cleaners who not only cleaned our communal areas for us, but also showed us a few things to keep everything tidy when she wasn't there.
     I have a very large family and I often have extended family come to stay with me too. This house can get very messy at times and I haven't always got the time to attend to it, although family members help out as best they can, I like things done in a certain way and I can be very particular about that, much to annoyance of others around me, So, Instead I tried a professional cleaning agency HamCarpetCleaners and they were brilliant, they do a superb job, even better than what I would do it myself, so now I'm very happy.

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